12 Must-Follow Facebook Pages For a Happy Divorce

When you’re working on having a happy divorce, finding support from a variety of sources can be really helpful.  Reading about other people’s stories can help you feel less alone. You may also find some really helpful co-parenting tips and advice for communicating with your ex. Try following some of these Facebook pages for a happy divorce right in your daily newsfeed.

  1. Psychology Today Divorce Support Group Locator: Divorce support groups are typically free and dedicated to one gender. This can make it easier to share openly with other group members. Psychology Today’s directory of support groups makes it easy to find an in-person group in your area. Some of these groups may also have Facebook pages where you can connect with other members between meetings.
  2. WomansDivorce.com: Sometimes it can be really helpful to receive divorce advice from your point of view as a woman. WomansDivorce.com offers legal advice, state-by-state statutes and more to give you the information you need to be informed during your divorce proceedings. Their online divorce forum provides personal posts on every topic related to divorce. You can also check out their Facebook page for more support.
  3. DivorceCare: Through seminars and support groups, DivorceCare helps people going through a divorce find connections and work toward recovery. Their Facebook page is a supportive community, but their offline support groups are also helpful. Groups meet weekly to help you rebuild your life. 
  4. The Co-Parenting Collective: This page breaks down the good and bad of co-parenting. They take a sympathetic yet empowering approach and encourage parents to work together toward what’s best for the kids. The Collective also advocates for working together to have a collaborative divorce since courts don’t necessarily know what’s best for your kids. 
  5. It’s Over Easy: With a focus on delivering all the information you need to do a DIY divorce, It’s Over Easy is hosted by family law attorney Laura Wasser. Her no-court, self-guided divorce platform guides couples through the complete divorce process. She also offers up well-researched materials to help you co-parent and move on after divorce.
  6. Since My Divorce: Divorce coach Mandy Walker’s page is a forum for sharing stories about divorce, including the challenges, obstacles, hurt, discoveries and joys that follow a divorce. She shares her own advice as well as articles from other sites, and followers share their own experiences in the comments.
  7. Blended Tribe: If you’re co-parenting or step-parenting, this page’s advice from the trenches will be extremely helpful. The family shares their personal stories and pictures about living in a blended family. Check out the resources for blended families on their blog, too.  
  8. Divorce Magazine: Whether you’re looking for divorce resources (mediators, counselors, lawyers) or articles with helpful advice, Divorce Magazine is one of the leading authorities. Their blog is consistently rated the top divorce blog, and you’ll find lots of helpful comments from other people facing similar circumstances.
  9. Co-Parenting Group: If you’re looking to connect digitally with other co-parents, this public group page is a great start. Group members share posts asking for advice and discuss important co-parenting topics. 
  10. Co-Parents R Us: A motivational and inspirational page, Co-Parents R Us is heavily moderated to make sure all posts are on-topic and helpful. Join nearly 200,000 other co-parents sharing advice and encouragement.   
  11. Divorce After 50: Even grown children need co-parenting! For divorces after 50, this page is helpful in making sure you don’t feel alone. They post inspirational quotes and have a big focus on mental health and self-care.
  12. Our Happy Divorce: It’s possible to have a happy divorce, and Ben and Nikki have created a community where others can share their stories about their happy divorces. They hope this group will inspire others to approach divorce differently. 

Whether you’re looking for step-parenting advice or working on putting your kids first in your divorce, finding an online community that provides support and friendship can go a long way. Look for a community whose members have similar experiences to you, and don’t be afraid to offer up your own advice, too. These Facebook pages for a happy divorce are a great place to plug into for ongoing divorce advice.  

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