What People Have to Say About
Our Happy Divorce

Susan Guthrie

Top Divorce Attorney/Mediator, Top Podcast Host of Divorce and Beyond

“I LOVE THIS BOOK, I truly do, and not just because it has a happy ending. I love it because it tells a truthful tale of one couples’ journey through the pain of divorce, which started as many do, with anger, hurt, and a “shark attorney,” but then reveals how they pulled back and found a different path that allowed for forgiveness, hope, and a new kind of love. As a divorce attorney for 30 years I have seen so many cases where people have been unable to pull back from allowing their difficult emotions to control them and thereby turn the process into a long, draw out battle. Ben and Nikki’s ability to take that needed pause to calm down and their dedication to truly putting their son first, leases me to call them the magical, unicorn divorce. Every divorce needs a little bit of their magic and reading the book should be mandatory for everyone facing divorce!”

Lesa Koski

WI Mediator

“I finished Our Happy Divorce the other day, and I can’t wait to share their journey of learning to love each other — in a different way — with my clients. Over time, I’ve found that a couple’s love for their children always draws them together. Thank you for sharing your insight, Nikki and Ben, I already feel that I’m a better mediator because of your book. And if you need a new read, I highly recommend this one.”

Dana Michelle

Founder of Dana Being Dana

“There are so many people now struggling in relation these days. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Get it for yourself. Get it for your ex. Get it for the ex of the person you’re dating. Divorce or not, this is such a great read on conflict resolution.”

Laura A Wasser, Esq.

Founder and CEO of It’s Over Easy

“Our Happy Divorce is an aspirational true-life embodiment of what we talk about when we refer to The Evolution of Dissolution. It is my sincere hope that readers take a page from this book (literally and figuratively), absorb, and practice a new and better approach to divorce.”

Michael Strahan

Good Morning America

“I wish I had this book when I was going through my situation.”

My Divorce Solution

“A must read for all couples going through or have gone through Divorce or Separation. Divorce can be traumatic for everyone, especially children, but Nikki and Ben show that it’s possible for divorcing parents and inspire us to be kind, loving, and supportive of one another and come out the other side as friends and allies. Thank you for your story!”

Jerry Rice

NFL Hall of Famer, Wide Receiver

“Our Happy Divorce hits home with an honest and positive take on parenting after divorce. Nikki DeBartolo and Ben Heldfond are the perfect role models for creating a loving, modern family after divorce.”

Kris Drewry Perelmutter

Author of Breakup Positive: Turn Your Heartbreak into Happiness

“Anyone who is splitting up needs to read this book—an amazing story of breakup, personal growth, and love. Nikki and Ben show that you can emerge from a divorce a happier couple than when you were married.”