Kids & Divorce: From Their Own Mouth – Part 1

If you’re a parent, then you aren’t the only one going through a divorce, your kids are too. On this week’s livestream, Ben, Nikki, Susan Guthrie and Gabrielle Hartley welcomed special guest and OHD family member, Asher Heldfond, to discuss ... read more

Co-Parenting & Co-mmunication

Ben, Kate, and Susan welcomed CEO of Fayr, Michael Daniels to their livestream this week to discuss navigating the waters of co-parenting and divorce through communication and collaboration.  Being a Transparent Co-Parent Communication is key in every relationship, but especially when ... read more

National Parents’ Day

National Parents’ Day occurs on the fourth Sunday in July. This day honors all parents and serves to celebrate the important role they play in their children’s lives. Parenting comes in many different shapes and sizes, including step-parents, co-parents, parents ... read more

The Past, Present & Future of Divorce

Ben, Nikki, Susan, and Kate welcomed Gabrielle Hartley to discuss the future of divorce on their latest livestream. Hartley is the founder and owner of Better Apart, which provides divorce coaching, mediation, and legal services. She also wrote Better Apart, which is a comprehensive guide on fostering a positive divorce and received rave reviews. ... read more

Drugs, Alcohol, and Divorce

Millions of people struggle with drug and alcohol addiction in the United States. Addiction has loads of negative effects on a person’s life. It also affects their family. So what happens when you mix drugs, alcohol, and divorce? Ben, Nikki, Susan, and Kate brought in Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, a clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience and one of NYC’s experts in Cognitive Behavioral Theory, to discuss just that in a recent livestream.Substance abuse and how it affects divorce hits close to home for Ben and Dr. Cohen. When Ben and Nikki filed for divorce, Ben was 13 years sober. Dr. Cohen was formerly married to an alcoholic whose addiction heavily affected their marriage and divorce. There is no doubt that there is a psychological element to addiction, but there are a lot of hurdles and misconceptions people wouldn’t expect when dealing with addiction. ... read more

Dating After Divorce

Making the choice to start dating again after your divorce can be tricky, emotional, and especially difficult if there are children involved. Ben, Nikki, Susan, and Kate were happy to have Bela Gandhi, dating expert and founder of the Smart Dating Academy, on their recent livestream to talk about the transition from divorce to dating.  ... read more

How to Handle the Beginning of Your Divorce the Right Way

As the country opens, a lot of experts are saying the amount of divorce rates are going to increase. We hope that is not the case, but regardless, divorce is still going to be around. The first couple of things ... read more

Men and Divorce: What’s Holding Us Back

In a recent livestream, Ben and Nikki talked to Kate Anthony and Susan Guthrie about the cultural implications of Men and Divorce. It’s no secret that men stereotypically have a harder time talking about their feelings and ... read more

The Road to Finding A Better Relationship with Your Ex

When family courts are drastically impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, many are left with no choice than to find a happier and healthier approach to divorce. Ben and Nikki welcomed Susan Guthrie, Collaborative Divorce Attorney and host of read more

Co-Parenting During COVID-19

This is truly an unprecedented time in all of our lives. There is no roadmap for what COVID-19 means for families, co-parents, and those going through a divorce. But, one thing remains the same and will always remain the same ... read more