The Effects of Substance Abuse on Marriage

Addiction is a disease nobody is truly immune to, and those who struggle with addiction have been stigmatized heavily. In reality, addicts are people struggling with mental health issues and feel they have nowhere else to turn. Ben, Kate, and ... read more

Is Your Ex Really a Narcissist?

Ben, Nikki, Susan and Kate were joined by Michelle Dempsey-Multack, Certified Divorce Specialist and host of the Moms Moving On podcast, to tackle a topic that’s been floating around the divorce industry recently. There has been a lot of talk about ... read more

ReParenting After Divorce

Parenting is hard, but life throws so much more at you when you’re a single parent. It’s hard to find creative solutions and figure out what to do with your kid. That’s why this week Ben and Kate Anthony were ... read more

5 Books to Walk You Through Your Divorce

Did you know? Reading increases your emotional intelligence. Taking in resources about divorce can help you grow as a person and keep your divorce amicable. Here are some of our favorite books on divorce to help you through the process:Our ... read more

How to Co-Parent When You Were Never Married

Co-parenting creates a safer, healthier environment for children after a breakup. When both parents keep their focus on successfully co-parenting, despite the end of their personal relationship, kids are able to better navigate the changes in their family structure. ... read more

20 Things to Know About Divorce in 2020

Divorce is an ever-evolving process, but with everything 2020 has thrown at us it’s changed even more rapidly this year. The big question is, what’s changed? We can only hope the culture has taken a major shift toward more amicable ... read more

Kids & Divorce: From Their Own Mouth – Part 1

If you’re a parent, then you aren’t the only one going through a divorce, your kids are too. On this week’s livestream, Ben, Nikki, Susan Guthrie and Gabrielle Hartley welcomed special guest and OHD family member, Asher Heldfond, to discuss ... read more

Co-Parenting & Co-mmunication

Ben, Kate, and Susan welcomed CEO of Fayr, Michael Daniels to their livestream this week to discuss navigating the waters of co-parenting and divorce through communication and collaboration.  Being a Transparent Co-Parent Communication is key in every relationship, but especially when ... read more

National Parents’ Day

National Parents’ Day occurs on the fourth Sunday in July. This day honors all parents and serves to celebrate the important role they play in their children’s lives. Parenting comes in many different shapes and sizes, including step-parents, co-parents, parents ... read more

The Past, Present & Future of Divorce

Ben, Nikki, Susan, and Kate welcomed Gabrielle Hartley to discuss the future of divorce on their latest livestream. Hartley is the founder and owner of Better Apart, which provides divorce coaching, mediation, and legal services. She also wrote Better Apart, which is a comprehensive guide on fostering a positive divorce and received rave reviews. ... read more