Life After Divorce: A Review of The Divorce Support Community

As Nikki DeBartolo and Ben Heldfond began sharing their story through their book Our Happy Divorce, the divorce support community has welcomed them with open arms. It’s always encouraging to hear true stories from another couple who is changing the face of divorce and making co-parenting the norm.

Here are some of our other favorite voices in the divorce support community.

  • The Co-Parenting Collective: This Facebook community is extremely transparent about all the great and not-so-great things about co-parenting. Their members share personal stories and advice. The collective is a great voice for amicable divorces and healthy co-parenting relationships without coming across as unattainable. Follow @thecoparentingcollective>>
  • Blended Nest:  A great source for step-parents, this blog shares all the ins and outs of raising a blended family. The founder’s goal was to redefine how stepmoms are seen in today’s culture. She shares her journey from becoming a step-mom at a young age and all the school activities, awkward encounters and unforgettable moments along the way. Follow @blendednest>>
  • Small Stuff, Big Family: Both Laura and her husband were married previously and have positive co-parenting relationships with their exes. The couple uses their experience and knowledge to give others the tools they need to become successful co-parents and raise a blended family. Follow @smallstuffbigfamily>>
  • Divorce Goddess: Tosh has built a business redefining divorce and calling out all the wonderful things about the divorce support community. As a coach, she specializes in transforming the divorce and separation process by using mindfulness. Her community focuses on mental, physical and emotional self-care. Follow @divorcegoddess>>
  • Blended Tribe: This family shares their personal stories to help you learn how to be a more successful co-parent and step-parent your kids will adore. They also offer up additional resources that blended families can reference for just about anything. Follow @the_blended_tribe>>
  • Blended Matters: Take a look at the common ups and downs of divorce and co-parenting through both a mom and step-mom’s eyes. Each woman offers her perspective and understanding of significant events. It’s helpful to see things from both points of view. Follow @blendedmatters>>
  • Instant Blended Family: This community leads off with the alarming statistic that step-families face really hard odds. They call it like it is and tackle these problems head on through their step-parenting counseling program. They offer strategies and new ways of looking at things to help step-families beat the odds. Follow @instantblendedfamily>>
  • Blended Babez: This podcast aims to normalize blended families by taking listeners on the journey of how these two women went from being strangers to BFFs. Follow along and find out how they share laughs, babies and even wine from time to time.  Follow @theblendedbabez>>
  • Blended Family Frappe: Get the “IRL” advice on being a step-parent, straight from a family that’s living it. They readily acknowledge that being a step-parent is tricky, but also offer encouragement and insight from their daily lives. Follow @blendedfamilyfrappe>>  

Almost 50% of marriages will end in divorce. This means there are a lot of people who have gone through exactly what you’re going through. The divorce support community is growing thanks to these incredible families and stories. We’re honored to be part of it and look forward to encouraging more and more people to change the way they view divorce.

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