How the Coronavirus Made Us Stronger Than Ever

When we got the news that Florida was shutting down due to coronavirus, it was scary. We immediately jumped on the phone and made sure the family was okay. Ben was watching the news closely, as he always does. Nikki was busy filling the pantry with the kid’s favorite snacks. Nadia was heading over to Nikki’s house to make sure she was okay. Asher was making the family laugh as only he knows how to do. And, Chad was heading to the front lines to keep his county informed about testing, social distancing, and staying calm. 

We live 6 houses apart from each other, so we knew that we would remain a tight-knit family and we could get through this together. As time progressed, things got a little more fun and hopeful every day. 


A few weekends ago, we celebrated Izzy’s birthday. Because of the shutdown, we decided to do a small birthday party for Izzy with just the family. We laughed, we hugged each other, and we celebrated an amazing little lady. We were all smiles. 


During this time, all of the parents banned together and have been holding down the fort. We went all hands on deck making sure the kiddos were well fed, entertained, and getting through their school work remotely. No matter what we’ve gone through in the past, we are all friends, and doing our part to put our kids first during this time. We make sure we have fun, don’t lose our heads, and remember to laugh. 


This time has got us thinking about what would have happened if Nikki and Ben had never came together and resolved to approach divorce differently. There are many other co-parents out there that haven’t forgiven their ex and are struggling through these uncertain times. This is exactly the reason we wrote Our Happy Divorce. We want to help people get to these happy moments. There is so much joy in family, whatever that may look like for you. If we can do it, anyone can. As we reflect on the darker days, even though there is so much uncertainty in the world right now, it feels pretty good to get through this together.  

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Stay safe and stay well. 

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