How to Handle the Beginning of Your Divorce the Right Way

As the country opens, a lot of experts are saying the amount of divorce rates are going to increase. We hope that is not the case, but regardless, divorce is still going to be around. The first couple of things Ben and Nikki did in the beginning of their divorce were so important. Unfortunately, the actions they took in the beginning were filled with resentment, anger, fear and every other negative thing you can imagine. We want to make sure that you have the tools you need to not make the mistakes Ben and Nikki did in the beginning. If they can do it, so can you. 

We brought back our friends Kate Anthony and Susan Guthrie to a recent livestream where Ben and Nikki discussed how to handle the beginning of your divorce the right way. Here are some major takeaways: 

  • It takes a lot of work. After your divorce, there is a lot of personal work you have to do before you can ever come to forgive your ex. You have to forgive yourself first. It’s so important to take some time apart, and truly work on finding yourself again after your divorce. This will only set you up to do what’s best for your child and ultimately coparent with your ex in a happier and healthier way. 

  • Say I’m sorry. A sorry goes a long way, but it’s got to have meaning behind it. After you’ve taken time to resolve your ego and forgive yourself, it’s time to forgive your ex. 

  • Trust the process. As Kate always says, “you’re making the most important decision of your life during the most emotional time in your life.” If you try and do both of those things together, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Process your emotions, and it’s okay to take your time. 

  • Support your children. Divorce is weird for everyone. It’s extremely hard to explain your divorce to your kids, especially if a new partner is in the mix. Sometimes, you have to swallow the hard pills to put on a happy face for your child. 

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