National Parents’ Day

National Parents’ Day occurs on the fourth Sunday in July. This day honors all parents and serves to celebrate the important role they play in their children’s lives. Parenting comes in many different shapes and sizes, including step-parents, co-parents, parents may have never been married in the first place and so much more. Good parenting doesn’t equal marriage, and it’s no longer means the traditional method of parenting that society has told us is “normal.” At the core of parenting, it simply means putting your child first and doing what’s best for them throughout their life. As life throws your curveballs, it takes a tremendous amount of strength to keep that vision at the core of everything you do. But, there are tons of parents out there that do just that. And today, we believe you deserve to be celebrated! 

The Our Happy Divorce family is lucky to have more parents guiding our ship than most. Ben and Nikki both are remarried to two amazing step-parents, Chad and Nadia. Before they both met their new spouses, the family ran with the power of a bicycle. Thankfully, with Chad and Nadia, this bicycle turned into a car, with more power and strength than ever before. Today we celebrate all of the parents in our family and the parents who are putting their children first in other families, no matter the shape or size. It is no easy task to live life through the lens of “what’s best for my child.” It takes hard work, forgiveness, foresight, sacrifice, and so much more. And this is a day to celebrate all of the effort and time that goes into raising a child. 

With that, we’ve outlined some things you can do today to celebrate Parents’ day as a family: 

  • Go fishing. Relax as a family and swap stories about old times. You never know, you might bring home some dinner for the whole family to enjoy! 
  • Host a family game night. Playing together is a great way to get some laughs in as a family and is a huge stress reliever right before the week starts again on Monday. 
  • Cook a meal together. Cooking is a great way to have a little fun and make something together. Kicking back after you’re done and enjoying delicious food is what memories are made of. 
  • Have a movie night. With everyone coming together, a movie night is a great way to unwind. If the kids are old enough, have them pop the popcorn for the adults. 

Anything that you can do to celebrate the parents in your life and your kids’ lives is special. The important part is that you take these moments to celebrate how far you’ve come and the amazing things you’ve done for your children. 

We hope you have a great Parents’ Day today! If you’d like to help us inspire other parents to approach divorce in a happier and healthier way, please visit our Instagram page and let us know what you’d like us to cover next.

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