The Road to Finding A Better Relationship with Your Ex

When family courts are drastically impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, many are left with no choice than to find a happier and healthier approach to divorce. Ben and Nikki welcomed Susan Guthrie, Collaborative Divorce Attorney and host of The Divorce and Beyond Podcast, and Kate Anthony, Divorce Coach and host of The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast to a recent livestream to talk about divorce in these unprecedented times. 

Here are the major takeaways: 

  • Together Apart: While the marriage didn’t work out, your relationship with your ex can still be strong. Perhaps quarantine is forcing you both to come together, talk, and brainstorm solutions to how you’re going to tackle this for your children. 

  • Don’t Place Blame: Almost always both parties play a part in the breakdown of the marriage. Take accountability for your errors in the marriage, forgive yourself and learn to forgive your ex. Holding onto the resentment and anger is only holding you back. 

  • Take Some Time: Ben was able to take enough time after he and Nikki decided to separate to deal with his own emotions. Not putting a rushed timeline to just “get the divorce done” allowed the dust of the breakup to settle, egos to be set aside, and Ben and Nikki to both come together and talk out their divorce human-to-human. 

  • Prevent Unnecessary Damage: The easiest weapon for most parents is the kids. No one wins in divorce. When you walk into a divorce litigation situation with the idea that you’re going to “win,” the only one that loses is your kids and your happiness. There is a happier and healthier way. 

To listen to the full livestream, visit: HERE. 

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