Can Mediation and Yoga Really Help You Cope With Your Divorce

Divorce is a big disruption to your daily routine. Finding some activities to help you recenter and refocus can be really helpful in reducing the emotional and physical stress you’re going through. Physical activity is a great way to manage stress, and yoga and meditation are two great ways to cope with your divorce. 

Divorced Girl Smiling says everyone going through a divorce should be required by law to practice yoga. That may be a bit hard to enforce, but here’s how yoga and meditation can help you cope with divorce:

Relax and breathe. Co-parenting requires a high level of interaction with your ex-spouse. Depending on your relationship, this can be extremely stressful. Yoga and meditation often focus on the breath. These practices encourage you to focus on your breath and block out other distractions. These breathing techniques can be used off your mat, too, as you navigate the more stressful moments of co-parenting. 

Everyone moves at their own pace. In yoga, there’s no perfect expression of a posture. This is why yoga is referred to as a “practice.” Keep in mind that your divorce will move at its own pace, too. It will look different than other people’s divorces, and that’s okay. 

Prioritize yourself. Making yoga and meditation a daily practice is a great way to prioritize yourself and your healing during this difficult season. 

Remember that you matter. Yoga can help you reconnect to your inner self. Often in a divorce, you are so focused on doing what’s best for the kids, it’s easy to overlook your own needs. Yoga reminds you to check in with yourself and how you are feeling.

Progress, not perfection. Over time, you will notice certain yoga poses and divorce meditation techniques become easier and easier. You will impress yourself with your own strength. This is a helpful reminder that you are strong and capable, even when your divorce makes you feel less than. Each day is a step toward something greater.

Releasing worry. It’s difficult to hold onto worry while meditating or practicing yoga. In fact, these two activities often help you clear your mind. They can be an extremely effective way to release worry and tension. Remember that you and your co-parent have committed to putting the kids first. While this isn’t always easy, don’t worry when you make a mistake. Refocus on your commitment to the kids and move forward. 

Celebrating your power. It’s common at the end of a yoga practice for the instructor to remind everyone to thank themselves for showing up and for their effort. As you continue to move on from your divorce, it’s important to check in with yourself and recognize how far you’ve come.

Divorce brings a lot of doubt and noise into your life. You must juggle co-parenting and communicating with your ex. You need to re-adjust to life as a single person. Restorative habits like yoga and meditation can help you cope with all of these changes. Use them as a way to check-in with yourself and refocus on what matters most.

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