How to Find a Divorce Support Group

Divorce can be a very isolating experience. Even though nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce, sometimes it feels like you are the only person going through it. By finding a divorce support group, whether it’s online or in-person, you will receive the support you need to continue healing and be the best co-parent you can be.

Support groups are available in a variety of ways. You may choose to find a specific support group for people going through a divorce. But simply increasing your social interaction by finding new hobbies and groups to socialize with is also an important support system.

Divorce Support Groups on Social Media

The divorce support community is very active online. Social media is always available, and support is available whenever you need it. Support groups on social media are always available, you simply need to log in and engage. 

Private Facebook groups are a safe place to share your feelings — the good, bad and ugly. Your activity in these groups is private and can’t be viewed by anyone who isn’t part of the group. You can find groups for any stage of divorce as well as co-parenting and step-parenting.

In addition to finding active support groups on social media, you can find other online resources like blogs, articles and podcasts led by people who have also gone through a divorce and are learning how to improve as co-parents. 

Finding Friends Who Support You Through Divorce

It’s important to find real friends during a divorce. This often happens naturally, as certain friends stand by you and some friends begin to fall away. 

When your relationships with your friends change, use it as a way to draw closer to the friends who support you most. This strengthens your divorce support group.

Using Family as a Support Group During Divorce

Family was a huge source of support for Ben Heldfond during his divorce from Nikki. It was during this season that he deepened his relationships with his family members, after realizing how isolated he was in Tampa for the past six or so years. 

It’s possible to find support from your former in-laws, too. Ben had always had a close and supportive relationship with Nikki’s father, Mr. D. Throughout the divorce and well after, this relationship continued to give Ben the grounding and guiding support he needed, especially to continue to confidently make decisions.

Rounding Out Your Divorce Support Group

In addition to leaning on all the people you already know like family and friends and finding online support communities, therapy and counseling are an important part of your support system after a divorce.

In addition to the great co-parenting apps that can help you through divorce, there are many therapy apps that allow you to reach out to a counselor at any time from your smart phone. TalkSpace, for example, gives you access to licensed therapists through their website or from your phone. Using an app for counseling is a great way to get the support you need even if you’re busy juggling work, custody schedules and life.

No matter how amicable your divorce is, everyone needs a support system. This group of people gives you a safe place to share your feelings and realize that you are not alone. This level of support can make it easier to process your emotions and keep doing all the things you need to do in your day to day life. 

Just because your relationship crumbled, doesn’t mean your life will, too. Leaning on your support group will give you the strength to re-evaluate your priorities and begin embracing life after divorce.

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