Top Co-Parenting Apps To Help Your Family Stay Connected

Co-parenting apps make communication easier through shared calendars, in-app messaging, financial tracking and more. Here are some of our favorite apps that make co-parenting easier and keep your family connected. ... read more

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Bring Your Blended Family Together

Ever wish there was a checklist for blending new families after divorce? Great news, we’ve got one for you! With a few simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to help your kids form a close relationship with their step-parents and step- and half-siblings. Here’s what you need to do. ... read more

Using The New Year To View Life After Divorce Differently

New Year’s resolutions often center around building success, happiness and new habits. Use this hopeful time of year to change your attitude about life after divorce and set yourself – and your kids – up for success in the new year. ... read more

National Divorce Day: Changing the Perspective

Once the holidays wrap, the first days back at work can be busy – especially for family law attorneys. This date, typically around January 8, has the distinction of being known as National Divorce Day. This is the day that lawyers see the highest spike in divorce filings. Presumably, the holidays have passed, the reality is back, and couples who feel they’d be better off as co-parents than spouses have decided to take the next step. ... read more

New Year’s Resolutions After Divorce

Just like the new year, divorce is the opportunity to take a fresh look at your life and your priorities. As you make your New Year’s resolutions this year, focus on all the new opportunities you have to be a better co-parent and have a happy divorce throughout the coming year.  ... read more

Common Parenting Styles: What’s Yours?

Great co-parenting is built on communication and consistency. Keeping things like behavior expectations and discipline consistent from one house to the other makes it easier for kids to go back and forth.  ... read more

11 Undeniable Reasons To Put Your Kids First In Your Divorce

Throughout their book, Our Happy Divorce, Nikki DeBartolo and Ben Heldfond share how created their own version of divorce and worked together for one important goal: putting their son, Asher, first. It wasn’t always easy, and still isn’t to this day, but there are many undeniable reasons to put kids first in a divorce.  ... read more

11 Resources That’ll Make You Better At Step-Parenting

When it comes to being a step-parent your kids will adore, there’s a lot to learn. Thankfully, there are also a lot of step-parenting resources out there to help you understand the challenges you may face as a new step-parent and how to build a great relationship with your step-kids.  ... read more

A Marriage Story: A Review From the Real-Life Version

Warning: This blog contains spoilers.Earlier this month, Netflix knocked our socks off with the release of their new movie, A Marriage Story. Starring Scarlett Johannson and Adam Driver, this movie tells the story of a couple’s journey to a ... read more

12 Must-Follow Facebook Pages For a Happy Divorce

When you’re working on having a happy divorce, finding support from a variety of sources can be really helpful.  Reading about other people’s stories can help you feel less alone. You may also find some really helpful co-parenting tips and advice for communicating with your ex. Try following some of these Facebook pages for a happy divorce right in your daily newsfeed. ... read more