11 Undeniable Reasons To Put Your Kids First In Your Divorce

Throughout their book, Our Happy Divorce, Nikki DeBartolo and Ben Heldfond share how created their own version of divorce and worked together for one important goal: putting their son, Asher, first. It wasn’t always easy, and still isn’t to this day, but there are many undeniable reasons to put kids first in a divorce.  ... read more

11 Resources That’ll Make You Better At Step-Parenting

When it comes to being a step-parent your kids will adore, there’s a lot to learn. Thankfully, there are also a lot of step-parenting resources out there to help you understand the challenges you may face as a new step-parent and how to build a great relationship with your step-kids.  ... read more

A Marriage Story: A Review From the Real-Life Version

Warning: This blog contains spoilers.Earlier this month, Netflix knocked our socks off with the release of their new movie, A Marriage Story. Starring Scarlett Johannson and Adam Driver, this movie tells the story of a couple’s journey to a ... read more

12 Must-Follow Facebook Pages For a Happy Divorce

When you’re working on having a happy divorce, finding support from a variety of sources can be really helpful.  Reading about other people’s stories can help you feel less alone. You may also find some really helpful co-parenting tips and advice for communicating with your ex. Try following some of these Facebook pages for a happy divorce right in your daily newsfeed. ... read more

5 Common Myths About Our Happy Divorce

Having a happy divorce may seem unattainable. How can two people who no longer want to be together continue to exist happily? It’s actually easier than you think, especially when you focus on what’s best for the kids. Shifting the focus to the kids makes it easier to agree and keep things positive.  ... read more

Meet Our Favorite Podcasts That Keep It Real About Divorce

If you look around, you’ll likely realize there are a lot of people in your circles who are divorced or going through a divorce. Building a support system is extremely helpful when you’re dealing with the end of your marriage. ... read more

7 Ways to Put Kids First In Your Divorce

Putting your kids first throughout your divorce helps minimize the effects of divorce on their lives. By framing each decision you and your ex make through the lens of “What’s best for the kids?” you can help your kids feel secure and loved even though their family dynamic is shifting.  ... read more

Miserable To Happy: Changing the Divorce Mindset

Divorce is a major change. Even with the most amicable divorces, the child’s world is turned upside-down when they have to move from house to house and realize that their parents will no longer be in the same home together. With Asher, he knew at just four years old that Ben was no longer living at the house. Kids are perceptive, and they often realize much more than we try to let on.  ... read more

Types of Custody Schedules That Put Kids First

Custody schedules are a critical part of any parenting plan. What worked best for us was that we viewed every decision through the lens, “Do what’s best for Asher.” That perspective helped us navigate the complicated world of custody schedules. However, every family is different and the task of custody schedules can be overwhelming. We’re here to help. Here’s a comprehensive guide of the different custody schedules that put kids first.  ... read more

10 Best Co-Parenting Blogs

Looking for advice about co-parenting? We know first hand that the initial stages of divorce are extremely difficult and it can be hard to navigate the whole new world of co-parenting. Even as life goes on, new questions about co-parenting ... read more